provides a secure chat framework that is easy to implement on any website.


  • Of course on-line chatting
  • customer can transfer chat to his or her mobile device
  • chat can be continued on original device or mobile device or both
  • chat can be transferred via email or SMS
  • multiple people can join the conversation when referred to


  • you get notified when a new chat has been initiated
  • you can turn on SMS notification of new chats
  • you can answer chats from a desktop or a mobile device
  • multiple people can see the conversation and interject
  • the person answering or interjecting is identified by their first name or alias
  • You can produce standard usage reports - Custom Reports on request


  • All communication is encrypted point to point.
  • While a communication is in progress either side can make a copy of the conversation or transfer it to a lead processing system.
  • If either side abandons the conversation, no record is kept.
  • The only cookies are first name of customer, SMS Phone number, email and chat ID.
  • A chat remains active as long as neither side has abandoned it.