about chat2go.net

chat2go.net is a secure online chat application for the enhancement of communication on commercial web-sites.

  • We use only functional cookies and do not harvest or retrieve any cookies stored at the browser side. We do not sell your information or make it otherwise available other than when enforced by law.
  • chat2go.net guarantees privacy. When you Abandon a chat all information is deleted immediately on the chat2go site.
  • When the site is used with a survey script to fill in surveys, then the result information is kept for the purpose of the survey.
  • When you are making purchasing decisions and the company you are chatting with creates a lead on their lead systems while the chat is still active, the chat information will be transferred to the lead processing (CRM) system. And may continue to provide a record in that system. No information is kept on the chat2go.net sysytem.
  • Conveniently transfer a chat session from a desktop or laptop computer to a mobile device or vice versa, using SMS or email to a trusted device and seamlessly continue the chat.